A lucky Escape!

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164 Q4 Down!
Driving at about 20mph and I hear a massive bang from the rear, it turned out to be a snapped coil spring and collapsed lower spring pan luckily only a 1/4 of a mile from home. I limped her back to my garage with no further damage. I hate to think what would have been the outcome at high speed!
I had a chance to buy two brand new old stock struts late last year and the springs as well, even though at the time all seemed fine and I am very glad I did. The electronic struts for the rear are different to the standard Q.V. and so completely unique to the Q4. She should be back in service soon after replacing both rears and replacing the front springs! I swear the car is like Christine, as soon as I leave her unattended for a week she craves attention!





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Oooh, looks nasty.... fortunately, as you said, you were only travelling slowly...... imagine if you'd been going at 70mph!
A real 5p:50p moment (being the rapid expansion / contraction of the rectal sphincter at moments of extreme terror)*
And a bit of a bonus having the spares 'in stock', so to speak.

* or sixpence, half a crown in old money