Sad News: no BIAMF 2018


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Unfortunately there will be no BIAMF in 2018:

From where I quote:
Quote: However, we regret to confirm that there will be no BIAMF in 2018. The organisers have matters in their personal lives that would heavily restrict the amount of time they can devote to the many organisational tasks needed to be completed to achieve a well run event. In addition to this, the charges payable to Bristol City Council are set to increase dramatically, and we need to consider how to address this without passing too much additional cost to entrants.

We are therefore taking a break to consider our options for the future. We wish to thank all the entrants, marshals, sponsors and the St Nicholas Market staff who have supported us in the past and we apologise for the disappointment this announcement will cause. End Quote

There are, obviously, other (Italian) car events - but for those of us who live within striking distance of Bristol we'll all have an empty date in our (April) diaries


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Sad news indeed, hopefully they will get it sorted for following years.
Yeah, 'tis sad. The BIAMF was always great fun, very informal - I suppose it has just run it's course. Us Italian fans do have Autoitalia Brooklands and Prescott (La vie en Bleu / La Vita Rossa) but the Bristol meet was (for me) always a season opener and local! If I think about it there are perhaps too many Breakfast Club type meets, which are FREE and the 'paid for' meets are struggling to compete ......


Oh no, gutted, no more rev off battles with Phil :firing7::laughing:
Hahaha that's right.

A proper shame :( I love this show and the people who attend.

I know for a fact that David M has had a very bad time of late and I totally understand his reasons for cancelling this show, the effort that David puts into this every year along with others is amazing. I wish him and his family all the best for the future and hopefully BIAMF will be back.
It is sad news, doesn't surprise me about costs going up, there are a few events going this way.

But, I am informed AROC will be having a South West day next year, at Haynes museum.

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Gutted, I've been to all but two of these events and marshalled at most - it's a brilliant event and does draw a crowd. Hopefully it will raise up again!