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    164 Q4 Aircon pump


    Here is my brand spanking new Aircon pump direct from Sanden in Italy - all that remains now is to fit and regas!!

    Will probably do the oil cooler lines at the same time

    Keep you posted

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    Nice i likes shiney new parts! Great going to get a new one for your old rare beast

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    And here's a list of all the companies who make A/C compressors for the 166 Q4...

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    Cheers for that, I think it is listed as that AR part number just need to fit it when I get a chance

    Do you know if the oil cooler pipes are available or is it a case of getting them made!

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    The pipes are not, but the cooler itself is...

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    For information to all regarding the tensioner shock absorber for the 24v 164 cloverleaf engine, an alternative part that can be used successfully according to my trusted friends on the 164 register in the Netherlands.itis from a BMW 2.5 TDS engine.

    The stroke is a little longer but it works in the application well from their experience.

    It is readily available unlike the Fiat / Alfa part and cost much less, from Ģ26 on eBay etc used on BMW, GM, Landrover Rangerover engines


    Will fit soon

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