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    Mind even at the discounted price you need to buy one for a while as the trade will know their true worth when you sell on.

    I've always wondered whether a turbo mid engine, auto box and a short wheelbase is asking to much for many drivers.
    2011 GranTurismo GTS Auto - have got through 45,000 miles so far
    2005 4200GT - went in 2011, a bit busy under braking
    1999 3200GT - went in 2003, still bought it even though it threw a CEL on the test drive

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    There was a guy at Mitcar who bought a 4C with 7k on the clock for 30k!..apperanty bought from the Pizza Hut MD

    There were 14 at the show. Like Ford Cortina's in the 1970's they were everywhere!


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