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    Quote Originally Posted by zagatoes30 View Post
    One too many IMO.

    I assume the Auto Italia article mentions the Lancia Hyena, that was based on a Integrale platform with lots of SZ line, A post curve, even the front lights are the same as the SZ. Nerd question there are 3 cars use the same lights as the SZ, the Hyena is one the other two are?
    Go on, tell us. I thought it might be the Aston Lagonda, but looking at pics their lights seem perfectly aligned, not a bit wonky like those on the Alfa

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andyk View Post
    The side view looks like it would be better suited as a pick up truck. VW caddy with flares front arches.

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    It looks like the Espace Convertible they made in Top Gear!!

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    I thought it was made for Agnelli, although what he did to deserve it I don't know ....

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaisharma View Post
    I thought it was made for Agnelli, although what he did to deserve it I don't know ....

    Only one made for Agnelli as there was only one convertible Testarossa made for him too that got sold in recent times.

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    Just like the KFC man below, I can now never unsee that. Wish you hadn't posted that Andy, I love Integrales but that's a disaster. Looks like a bad kit car.


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