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This subject keeps coming up on forums.

IMHO Polybushes for the 916 are not in harmony with the designers intent for the rear suspension.

Compare them with the original design concept of the rubber bushes on the early Alfa 916's.
These were cylindrical in form and when they suffered de-bonding of the rubber Alfa decided to use expensive Sphericals rather than inexpensive flanged rubber bushes.

I ask WHY - and offer an explanation.

Flanges introduce conflicts in the suspension geometry as their lateral compliance is increased.
A well known 'Indy' a couple of years ago suggested that their use may be a factor in subframe lug breakage.

The OEM spherical joints will last for years if the protective gaiters are checked for punctures before the salty season.

My 916 is a daily driver still using original 19 year old sphericals in most places.

Replacements I have made are due to my own negligence in the above check.
Exactly, polybushes are now over used and a easy way out ...The original designers engineered compliance into the chassis for a reason..

Just because the original bushes failed after a few years doesn't mean to say they were rubbish, they just came to the end of there lifecycle

Original parts guys... as were all beginning see original cars make the best prices!