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    Quote Originally Posted by Contigo View Post
    We are here! No wedding fair this weekend (Mum's day got in the way). He mentioned it to me a few weeks back and to be honest it's low on our priority list this year as the business is growing, we'd rather people pay us to show them our cars rather than pay ourselves for people to see the cars

    Let me ping him now and see what he says....
    From old slappers to whores...

    Thanks, Phil.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Felonious Crud View Post
    From old slappers to whores...

    Thanks, Phil.
    The Children's Trust aren't doing their own run this year on Saturday, so I can't get us in. However, if you still want to take part, then you need to contact Premier GT who are organising the Monday run; they still had spaces at the end of February, so it's worth a shout contacting them.

    Good luck!


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