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    Sub £60k Ferrari?

    Went to see a really nice early 1975 Ferrari 308GT4 at the weekend, lovely car...I just couldn't get on with the gear change were first gear was across and down! same as a Lancia Fulvia I had years ago Dave
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    Busso 3.2 cam lock tool

    I still have all the original Alfa 30/3.2 locking tool sets from when I was helping out with Power Alfa in Daventry back in early 2000's Dave
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    Lambo Drivers aren't the sharpest tools

    Thank god I live out in the sticks! Dave
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    Why didn't you go to Coventry over the weekend then Andy? There were lots of old school Lancia's, Fiats and Alfa's parked up, some I'd never seen before! Dave
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    Coventry Car Fest

    On over the weekend, and its free. Loads of juicy stuff on show.. plus racing around the ring road! Saw 4 Ferrari Enzo's rolling in and in convoy this afternoon :cool: As JLR are one of the main sponsors, Jag have apparently bought out some prototype's rarely seen in public before Dave