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  • Hi Dave

    I'm very interested in your GS. Can we have a chat tomorrow please with a view to closing a deal? My number is 01892 662487. The only points I can think of to discuss with you are;

    1. Latest clutch wear reading.
    2. Why selling? Wondering why the car has had so many owners in what appears to be quick succession.


    No worries Loz.

    Hope it tastes OK.

    Enjoy the game. I'll be watching it in Majorca on my holidays - arrive there just in time.


    Cheers Dave , wine arrived this morning , missus says very much appreciated , will toast your good health tomorrow just before the game

    Warm regards Loz and Kaz
    Hi Dave, Hope all is well with you and yours? Not sure you got my previous PM, but if you're still looking to off-load the Loudlink I'm still interested. Regards, Miles.
    Yes thanks Miles.

    Had an arm wrestling session up at Graypaul yesterday which ended with me buying a new 4200 - 05 plate so couple of years younger than mine with 1/2 miles on.

    All change here!


    Certainly are! They now show up all the other parts of the car that need attention! Spent this afternoon washing and polishing the **** thing, following which I thought I'd go for a short but rigorous drive. Got back to see the front end and mirrors covered in dead stuff! Hayho.

    Hope all is well with you and yours?

    Cheers, Miles.
    Hi Dave,

    Hope you're well and had a good Easter break?

    Just want to let you know that tomorrow I wil be sending your bolts on to Mark Ions (X1ons).

    Thanks again for the loan.

    Cheers, Miles.
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