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    The good evening thread

    Saw that. Was definitely worth watching just for the Ferraris.
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    The Good Morning Thread

    Grazie. Passed! Can use my birthday money I'd put aside to buy shoes etc now. ;)
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    Auto Italia 2015

    A definite for Hubby and I this year. Got some amazing pics last time I went.
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    The Good Morning Thread

    Morning... Alfa's MOT later. Can't possibly be as expensive as last year's. :o Just had the cost of new Pirelli too recently.
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    8 Upcoming Alfa Models

    The 169 looks amazing. Looking forward to the Giulia Quadrifoglio Verde - pictures stunning. Has 500bhp, so it's faster than a rival BMW M3 (425bhp).
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    One today!!!

    Happy Birthday SA. :) An expensive year for me, now want some wheels re-furbing + car park dents done (wherever an Alfa parks, can almost guarantee a van/huge vehicle wants to be next to it).
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    The Good Morning Thread

    Afternoon...a wonderful weekend. They do seem to drag. I feel your pain, Tess.
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    The Good Morning Thread

    Ah, I'm a last minute sort, will think about it in Dec...:o
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    The Good Morning Thread

    Afternoon. Why do MPVs always seem to cram themselves where other cars will clearly struggle to get out? Luckily I did manage to (just!) Maybe I'll pay for parking next time. ;)
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    The Good Morning Thread

    Afternoon... TY. :) Must cost you a fortune, lisknik...worth it, though. Divo goes like a rocket off the lights again, so v. happy, if poor. ;) Hey Tyas. :) Hi Tess xx
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    Labour MP Says Owning a Vehicle Should Be Outlawed

    What planet is this idiot on? Apart from the fact I love my Alfa so much, the very thought of being made to use public transport makes me shudder.