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    Classic Car Show NEC 2021

    I'm still waiting for promo codes to come from the TR Register but they normally only cover the weekend and I prefer to go on the Friday when it is quieter. That said, IMO it has ben pretty poor value for money recently and I am struggling to muster the excitement to attend this year.
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    Beta Coupe

    Those wheels are horrendous but it looks to be an otherwise decent (if not original) example. Crazy money though.
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    037 Replica

    It's disappeared from Ebay. Finally talked Mrs Hawk into this being a great idea (and not a money pit in any way!) and taking a look and it has ended :( Can't say I'm surprised but annoying all the same.
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    037 Replica

    A 6 pot in an 037 ..... noooooooooo! A new 4 pot with a super charger is the correct answer :)
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    037 Replica

    I may have to go and take a look at that .... 037 is probably one of my all time favourite cars and I have a hole in te garage :)
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    The Road to Le Mans 2021

    I never remain sober enough to know the difference :)
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    MITCAR 2021

    Sounds like a plan :)