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    New Lancia Fulvia that never was

    Yes remember that and was gutted at the time it was never taken further.
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    Alfa 155 Q4

    Love the 155 Q4, was always on my wish list when I had my 33P4 at the same time. Have on video tape somewhere when JC on Top Gear reviewed the Q4 and drove backwards through McD's drive through!
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    I remember the Tamiya tank kit was £135 plus radio gear. My dad told me to peel off the price sticker so my mum didn't see the price! 40 years ago. Eek.
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    Looking back, it took weeks to build my tank, I was 12 at the time. Today I guess the kids just want to buy a built up kit, and you can't fiddle with the same I assume. It's years actually since the last time I saw a kid play with a proper R/C car, I guess the xbox has taken its place. Sad really.
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    My Tamiya Flakpanzer Gepard tank on ebay silly money over £300 built and used like mine. There is the Cheetah unbuilt kit advertised at over £2k. If you bought it, would you build it though, or is the cost because it is unbuilt. Unbuilt of course but we're is the fun in that!
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    Oh yes I remember the Tamiya Cheetah, same time as the legendary Rough Rider and Beetle Bug. I have my old R/C tank in the loft circa late 70's.
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    Love 'em, but out of reach these days, it would be one certainly if all my numbers came in! An alternative, more affordable vehicle would be the Mitsubishi Pagero Evolution, Mitsubishi built 2,500 to qualify for the Paris Dakar Rally. A mint one less than 20k, rather tempting...
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    Alfa Giulia Coupe

    I like that :)