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  1. sionie1

    Roma Spider

    Yes please. Beautiful looking car.
  2. sionie1

    Mr Pea's Wedding - You're Invited! - 21st January 2023

    Wow, what a generous invite - you may have a convoy as well, which should be a noisy one with everyone in Sport mode. Enjoy the day.
  3. sionie1

    Auctions spotted

    Engine and gearbox are on a pallet, but bits might be missing…..
  4. sionie1

    Auctions spotted

    And it's gearbox given the lack of anything down that central ridge. A true project then..
  5. sionie1

    Auctions spotted

    The QP had a starting price yesterday of £50 but details to follow. Wonder if the rest of the bits are in the boot?
  6. sionie1

    Interesting take on Ferrari ownership

    Possibly because he has a social media following and a broad platform for sharing his experience. Like him or not he does have some clout in the social media world. Ferrari aren't afraid to use their legal team or blacklist people when they want to.
  7. sionie1

    Interesting take on Ferrari ownership

    Probably Ferrari legal dropped him a nice letter…b
  8. sionie1


    OOoo that Martini Lancia... fabulous. Looks a great evening.
  9. sionie1

    Oh dear…