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  1. Hawk13

    1976 Lancia Beta HPE 1600

    I still drop into the Beta owners forum on a regular basis (horribly named BetaBoyz) and am happy to post a link if you would like?
  2. Hawk13

    1976 Lancia Beta HPE 1600

    I love Lancias and one of the (very) few cars that I genuinely regret selling was my Beta Spyder. And turning an HPE into a sleeper car has been on my to do list for a while .... but this one looks too good to chop about. GLWS
  3. Hawk13

    Le Mans Classic

    I am of the understanding that there will be a Classic in 2023 to coincide with 100th anniversary of Le Mans 24.
  4. Hawk13

    Le Mans Classic

    22 of us heading down in a selection of classics ... I will be in my TR6. We stay a few clicks north of the circuit but taxi in and out.
  5. Hawk13

    Le Mans Classic 2022

    Suspected as much but thought I'd ask
  6. Hawk13

    Le Mans Classic 2022

    LMC falls on (pretty much) my 50th birthday but we have already booked accommodation which is a shame as this would have been perfect for me. When will you know about 2023 LMC availability? I'm sure you will have no problem at all getting this booked.
  7. Hawk13

    LA61DYC Ferrari FF

    They love that. I was refused main dealer service records / receipts because they had the previous owners address on. And Maserati destroyed all of my receipts for my GT when they bought that back from me.
  8. Hawk13

    LA61DYC Ferrari FF

    CBA to read a 20 page thread or listen to JayEmm for half an hour .... would you mind summarising :)
  9. Hawk13

    Ferrari SUV

    Mrs Hawk has an odd liking of these things .... currently lusting after the Lambo Urus o_O
  10. Hawk13

    Mr Spoons Ferrari?

    We have one we call floater .... useless piece of sh!t you can;t get rid of. Back to the thread ... what a pair of cnuts. Haggle a price for trade sale and don't do proper due diligence and then moan when you get shafted. A brand new tenner says that they didn't want to do the 'honourable'...
  11. Hawk13

    25 Feb - Pub Meet - London

    I'm a definite maybe :)
  12. Hawk13

    Ferrari Warranty extension

    I would have been chatting to Ferrari via my solicitor and then in Court if they treated me like that.
  13. Hawk13

    High mileage 360

    Get it properly checked over but 46k for a manual car is about right I'd say MOT history looks clean but I personally would be concerned about the no odometer comment and would suggest that the mileage is higher than recorded. I'm also betting that it hasn't got full service history
  14. Hawk13

    High mileage 360

    Depends on what you mean by high mileage. Anything over 30,000 is viewed as high mileage by some and some will simply not touch any Ferrari with big miles. But if priced accordingly and history is good, then why not? I would. Problem is that (when I looked for a rag top 360) anything under...
  15. Hawk13

    You don’t see this often

    I couldn't agree more. Well perhaps not ugly but I've never considered the 156 to be a looker
  16. Hawk13

    Touring bodied GT

    Not one that looks like that
  17. Hawk13

    Classic Car Show NEC 2021

    I'm still waiting for promo codes to come from the TR Register but they normally only cover the weekend and I prefer to go on the Friday when it is quieter. That said, IMO it has ben pretty poor value for money recently and I am struggling to muster the excitement to attend this year.
  18. Hawk13

    Beta Coupe

    Those wheels are horrendous but it looks to be an otherwise decent (if not original) example. Crazy money though.
  19. Hawk13

    037 Replica

    It's disappeared from Ebay. Finally talked Mrs Hawk into this being a great idea (and not a money pit in any way!) and taking a look and it has ended :( Can't say I'm surprised but annoying all the same.