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  1. lifes2short

    365 BB

    Nice feature in Auto Italia, I’m not a massive fan of Ferrari’s especially modern stuff, however of the few older cars I like the 365 GT4 BB is up there, very rare only 88 in rhd and only 58 UK supplied, lovely machine
  2. lifes2short

    New Lancia Fulvia that never was

    In Auto Italia June edition, never knew this mock up existed and great feature on FCA’a heritage hub, what an amazing hall of historic cars
  3. lifes2short


    beware of swapping seats;)
  4. lifes2short

    RIP Bettega, Toivonen & Cresto

    On this day 2nd may, 2 legend rally drivers lost their lives in an 037 and S4, including Sergio Cresto as navigator for Henri
  5. lifes2short

    nice lambo conversion

  6. lifes2short


    Anyone remember these amazing beasts
  7. lifes2short

    Thema 8.32 Ferrari V8

    Not my thing but might be of interest to someone here, looks like a really nice example, right up my street condition wise for a classic...
  8. lifes2short

    GTAM tribute

    Looks like it's been put together extremely well although guide figure seems rather on the high side, was hoping to get to auction but sadly going to be abroad, at the right price could be a nice car to have in the stable...
  9. lifes2short

    Evo1 starter motor

    Mate of mine needs a new starter motor for his 1991 Lancia Delta Integrale Evo 1 , apart from the usual suspects, would anyone know where he can get a new one off the shelf