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  1. mjheathcote

    Lamborghini Countach Euro-trip

    Cracking video, this is part 1 of 3, what a life!
  2. mjheathcote

    Which is best Ferrari?

    Nice to see my local Ferrari garage and footage filmed only a mile from home! Must film my car some day doing the same stretch.
  3. mjheathcote

    Lancia Y10 GTie

    Wow, rare! Not a Turbo like I had, but the later EFI 1.3 Great little compact car, ahead of its time, can't believe the design is now 30 years old!
  4. mjheathcote

    Listerbell Stratos

    Good friend has emailed me today latest pictures of his brother-in-laws Listerbell Stratos build. WANT!
  5. mjheathcote

    Thema 8.32 video

    The rear spoiler deployment is so cool!
  6. mjheathcote

    Lancia-delta-s4-stradale If you had the means, you just would, no question.
  7. mjheathcote

    Italian Fulvia and Fiat 500's

    Taken on holiday at a garage in Verona.
  8. mjheathcote

    Delta HPE HF Turbo

  9. mjheathcote

    Lancia Fulvia 3

    What a strange few hours.... Get a txt from a close friend, saying he's bought something Italian beginning with La...see you at 7. Then get a call at 6:30 saying he has broken down, maybe run out of petrol, and he has forgotten his wallet! I say, well what have you broken down in? the...