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  1. zagatoes30

    Alfa SZ

    Well looks like my SZ is about to remerge from the paintshop, for various reasons 6 months turned in to nearly 2 years but looking forward to trips like this again
  2. zagatoes30

    Gamma Coupe

    I know how fragile these can be but I still think they look great although the seats could do with being recovered
  3. zagatoes30

    116 Giulietta

    Been doing some serious thinking recently and have had thoughts about selling my 116 Giulietta, the issue being I won't give it away, it will need a passionate Alfisti to understand what it is and one who is prepared to dig deep into their pocket to wrestle it from my hands.
  4. zagatoes30

    Alfa 155 Q4

    Engine rebuild about to start with new shiny bits
  5. zagatoes30

    Blast from the past

    Well for some one on here maybe
  6. zagatoes30

    Lancia 037

    Next Lancia dream car although it might be some time before my classic car piggy bank has enough for this, a reincarnation or two at least.
  7. zagatoes30

    Alfa SZ

    Not seen this promotional video for years
  8. zagatoes30

    S3 Spider

    Was never a fan back in the day, the plastic / rubber adornments seemed to much for the classic S2 design but these days they look a lot better much more of a progression of design.
  9. zagatoes30

    S3 Spider

    Was never a fan back in the day, the plastic / rubber adornments seemed to much for the classic S2 design but these days they look a lot better much more of a progression of design.
  10. zagatoes30

    1.5Ti Sud

    Just been to see a genuine 44k 1.5Ti Sud. X reg on twin carbs and other than a bit of bubbling round both front and rear screens it was in remarkable condition. Original red paint work in excellent condition, floors, rails and bulkhead all solid with no signs of rot. Owner looking for around...
  11. zagatoes30

    164 Cloverleaf

    The last of the proper 164 CLs, lovely cars. This one is top money but does look nice, if only it was the Q4 version ;) Alfa 164 Cloverleaf Matt it is close to you, go and have a look and tell us what you think
  12. zagatoes30

    Ferrari 355 GTB

    Spotted at Emblem today, this is a beautifully proportioned car from just about any angle
  13. zagatoes30

    Gt 3.2 v6

    Gt 3.2 v6 - Provisionally Sold The time has come to move on my 3.2 GT. Most on here will now that it was previously owned by a well known Alfa enthusiast who believed in keeping it in near mint condition. I hope I have managed to maintain that standard. For Sale £4500 - Sports Alfa & FB...
  14. zagatoes30

    Ferrari 412

    An unusual colour but I do keep getting attracted by these Ferrari 412, I remember when they were in the £10-15k bracket but was always scared off by the maintenance and service costs. Ewan are you still restoring yours? I would love to have a look when it's ready for it's public debut
  15. zagatoes30


    Any one joined? There are some strange groups so I though one more wouldn't matter Need 16 members to go public so if you are on if you wouldn't mind joining
  16. zagatoes30

    SZ respray

    Just had a chat with a local paint shop about repainting the SZ, they have just completed one and done a lovely job and the price is not that scary. Sent him away with the Giulietta boot lid that had a bit of a bubble in it which he is prepared to do for free to show the quality of his work.
  17. zagatoes30

    Under bonnet sound deadening

    The SZ is getting some well deserved TLC over the next few months, new doors seals, window rubbers etc. etc. all of which a re pretty simple replacement jobs. However I have to replace the sound deadening that sticks to the inside of the bonnet, now I have the correct material acquired from...
  18. zagatoes30

    155 Q4s

    You don't see them very often and then two pop up on flabby Both dealers and strong money, much more than a wide body version sold recently
  19. zagatoes30

    164 3.0 lusso

    This popped up on FB yesterday was really tempted but the Mrs said no 164 3.0 Lusso Deposit taken within hours and I am not surprised
  20. zagatoes30


    Strong money but a lovely low mileage S2. Lovely colour combo and low mileage So tempted to sell the Spyder for this