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  1. Csr dog

    GT intercooler

    Would i gain any performance by upgrading the intercooler on my GT jtd?
  2. Csr dog

    Christmas countdown link

    Thought it would be a good idea to have a permanent link for the xmas countdown.
  3. Csr dog

    Christmas picture thread

    As xmas is now upon us i thought it would be nice to use this thread for xmas themed pictures.
  4. Csr dog

    Sleeps to xmas countdown

    I thought that some members would appreciate a daily countdown of sleeps to xmas. 45 days, 3 hours and 17 minutes.
  5. Csr dog

    Extremely frustrating

    I am finding this 10 character default really frustrating :frusty1:
  6. Csr dog

    F1 Discussion Thread.

    Is anyone going to watch this weeks F1 as both titles are now won by Red Bull?
  7. Csr dog

    Winter clean prep.

    Big day tomorrow, wash and wax the GT ready for winter, i have a nice caramba wax to apply, should give me 3 months protection to the paintwork.
  8. Csr dog


    Will northampton be classed as midlands?
  9. Csr dog

    Egr blanking and map delete

    Had my egr blank and map delete today, wow what a difference, no smoke, pulls from low revs and goes like stink :thumb1:
  10. Csr dog


    Hi everyone, doggies here :alan4: