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  1. alfatwo

    Coventry Car Fest

    On over the weekend, and its free. Loads of juicy stuff on show.. plus racing around the ring road! Saw 4 Ferrari Enzo's rolling in and in convoy this afternoon :cool: As JLR are one of the main sponsors, Jag have apparently bought out some prototype's rarely seen in public before Dave
  2. alfatwo

    916 Spider Hood Problems

    Hi Guys, Does anyone know the ins and outs of how the hood system works on a late 916 Spider A mate of mine has had his fail twice damaging the frame and the rear deck panel Dave
  3. alfatwo

    "La Vitta Rossa"

    Saturday at Prescott.. all things Italian Sounds like a great day out, the weather looks good too.. Dave
  4. alfatwo

    8 Valve 1.7 Boxer Engine Wanted...

    Does anyone have one knocking about! Cheers Dave
  5. alfatwo

    The Only One Left!

    After a very difficult 18 month restoration... National Alfa Day and the NEC a few months later! Dave
  6. alfatwo

    Alfa 155 Eibach Camber Adjusting Bolts

    Brand new never used and still in the box,they proberbly fit lots of other Fiat and Alfa's too..£5 to forum members.... you pay for packing and postage If your interested let me know Dave
  7. alfatwo

    Tunnel Racing In Old Alfa's

    This was well over a 100! Dave
  8. alfatwo

    OK Then, When And Where

    I'll give you a clue,It's 1986...
  9. alfatwo

    Lancia Fulvia Zagato

    A friend of mine has a 1973 1300 Zagato,It did have an MOT four years ago,and it drove fine, I got it running again this year but he lost interest... If anyone interested let me know,It needs some body restoration,the interior is in nice condition with nothing missing and everything works...