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  1. Happy Man

    Are we all ready

    For Christmas :thumb3: It's all systems go here nothing left to buy apart from some more booze, depending on how big a dent I put in the supplies this weekend :saifi:
  2. Happy Man

    I used to go out with a Brazilian.

    Now I just go out with it wild and unkempt :alan:
  3. Happy Man

    Forced Re Gen 2.4jtd

    Anyone ever seen one done? Mine was done on Friday at Alfatune and it's bloody scary, the heat haze that comes the back end is like watching an F1 Car on the grid :worried1: The smell made me think the bloody thing was going to burst in to flames :worried1: Anyhows Stingray is running...
  4. Happy Man

    Sunday Morning bacon butty

    If anyone fancies a bacon butty or even a sausage butty there will be a few very nice Alfa's at Rivington Barn on Sunday 8th of December :) It's the Top Barn and it's pretty easy to find if you're a biker or a cyclist, if you're not of either persuasion the post code for your sat nav is BL6...
  5. Happy Man

    I paid a Burglar to break into my house

    Guess which numpty locked himself out of his house tonight :frusty5: I paid a (Burglar) "Locksmith" £106 to break into my house it took him all of 20 seconds with a strip of plastic to get in I need better locks :(
  6. Happy Man

    Favorite Alfa Prototype

    What's your favourite, if you can find a picture that's great :thumb3: I'm not talking photoshop nonsense I'm looking for real prototypes. Mine is the Proteo probably because it looks like the 916 GTV
  7. Happy Man

    Festival of Remembrance

    I pay my respects every year, I know it will end in tears long before I hear the last post and the verse. Lest we Forget They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn At the going down of the sun and in the morning We will remember...
  8. Happy Man

    What's your favorite bit of winter kit

    Mine is a 15 tog King Size Duvet and it went on the bed last night :thumb3: Get into bed with that beasty on and instant coma :D
  9. Happy Man

    Picture of the day

    What random images have you seen today :geek3: Post them on here but please keep it clean :alan: I'll start, can you see it :thumb3:
  10. Happy Man

    I saw a sheep

    with a great memory yesterday. 9 gig ram :saifi:
  11. Happy Man

    Fireworks are dangerous

    Well they are if you have a temperamental Bengal sitting in you lap when one goes off outside :0036: He took off like the proverbial scalded cat :0036: I really wish he could retract them bloody rear claws :0036:
  12. Happy Man

    Cat milk

    The world cat milk drinking championship only has ten laps to go :saifi:
  13. Happy Man

    Is Cyprus any good for a Holiday

    I was thinking about coming over next year but some internet pest made me think it would be a bad idea :conf1: might give you a clue :lol:
  14. Happy Man

    Top Tip for SA Settings

    Are you fed up with only seeing a few posts on every page :D Then go to the my settings tab at the top of the page clicky clicky :D Look on the left hand side my account general settings clicky clicky :D Scroll down to posts per page and you can have up to 40 posts per page :thumb1...
  15. Happy Man

    Cheesy Poofs

    How about we test the poll facility :D What's your favourite cheesy poof :thumb1: You will note that I have included other and the first person that post Graham Norton gets :hammer:
  16. Happy Man

    I once went out with a woman

    Who worked in an abattoir :) As I recall, she was a stunner :jpheart:
  17. Happy Man

    The Cat Say's hello people

    Hello everyone, I'm a newbie looking for advice on all things Alfa :) I might also crack the odd joke or funny story once in a while :D Stay Safe Tony