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    Quest 9pm!!

    Thought id share with you that the Giulia QV and Stelvio QV will be tested amongst the AMGs and Cayennes later
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    My Christmas Present (to myself)!!

    Hi guys I have longed for an Italian V8 ever since i sold my AC Its not quite a supercar but its definitely a start and it certainly puts a smile on my face when out in it. Picked her up on Friday and i have done 200 miles in her already, not missed a beat. Some minor paintwork needs...
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    Giulia diesel on lease!!

    Im in an A class for work at the mo as thats the car i inherited but thats going back in Jan so i asked if i can pick my next car and aslong as it was under £300 per month it was i did I have just negotiated a deal to get a Giulia diesel on lease for January through my work and...
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    Alfa Romeo Giulia London Preview!!

    I have received my invitation for the event on Sat at 5pm. Its by Liverpool St station, im going to go and have a look as id like the diesel as my company car (firm have a £300pm budget for me). The invite is +1 so if anyone wants to meet me there they are welcome.
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    Mint Alfa 33!! seems expensive to me for what was not the best Alfa
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    Alfa Romeo Sud!!

    Please don't anyone outbid me....please please.... I just need advice, I'm the top bidder at the mo but I have a feeling these go for a lot more....I don't want to spend more than £1700, am I dreaming...
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    One to avoid.....
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    I like the 145 and i want a run around for work, 5k a year town driving..... Anyone give me advise on them?? Its local to me
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    best alfa 75!!

    I want this...........
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    What a start to 2013!!

    Have a look at this.....
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    Andy this is for you!!

    I was looking at prices of V6 GTVs and they are around 3k ish but those that have low miles go for 6k..... I was seeing how much a good one goes for when i saw this....
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    fiat sells alfa to vw!!

    i just heard from a friend that he heard fiat has sold alfa to vw...... im at work so have not looked into this but will google now and see what i find....sad day.......
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    bargain brera!!

    i love the brera, sad though as the only one id have, apart from the prodrive s is the diesel...... this is perfect for me as i need a diesel for work and one that will thrill me driving in.even if it is 1/2mile away, the 118d might be going to christina so she can have 4 doors for when the...
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    159 diesel auto for sale!!

    a friend of mine is selling the 159, it is mint, trust me........ i just wanted to put it up here also if anyone wanted it......
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    car ****!!

    this is the 458 spyder........ any feedback from you? i like it but can see they have not gone down the 430 route of spyders, it looks more superamerica which i dont like......
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    Brera V6 cheap!!

    i do like this car, the engines were not good, well the diesel was best that says it all, but at this price this car is an ideal runaround or 2nd car, it has high miles but id drive it for 3 years not caring bout resale as they have bottomed out........ the alfa GT has the better V6 i know...
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    F430 spyder!!

    hi guys, i know some of you met my friend with the F430 spyder (lambo pj man) at ace a few years ago...... i always loved his grey with red leather combo but he sold that car ages ago and has since got an R8 and then an X6 but anyway reason im posting this is today i saw one on the road and it...