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  1. midlifecrisis

    Lambo Drivers aren't the sharpest tools

    This seen today in the news. I'm sure the picture is at the end of my mum's street.
  2. midlifecrisis

    Sub £60k Ferrari?

    After reading a few threads on Californias/488s, I was having a look on Autotrader and saw a few sub £60k Ferraris. Quite a surprise really considering the care that some were built too. Obviously there's the 'runt of the family' Mondial but which would you go for? There's a few to choose from...
  3. midlifecrisis

    Ferrari 458 hits 6 in Battersea

    Bit early on the details so I'll refrain from any obvious jokes until the status of the injured is fully known but from accounts so far 6 injured have been taken to hospital.
  4. midlifecrisis

    Just Bought a Mito for Ira...(Me!)

    Just popped out today to look at a 2013 Mito distinctive in blue ended up buying an Alfa Red one instead. 2012 with the 1.4TB engine, so alfter three years of Maserati ownership, 20 years of Kawasaki owner ship (I've had 4 of them), a BMW, (We won't talk about my current Seat, the Rover or the...
  5. midlifecrisis

    For all you Lambeliebers out there..

    Price of Lambo's should soon crash knowing that Justin Beiber drives one! Haha!
  6. midlifecrisis

    California and 458 recall

    I read this earlier in AutoExpress, . Ferrari has announced it will be recalling some Californiaand 458 models, totaling 206 units worldwide out of a production run of 13,000. Ferrari told us the problem related to a finishing process on the crankshaft applied by a machine that wasn't...
  7. midlifecrisis

    Ferrari Sell Off

    If life was like the Premier league then Fiat will be selling off Ferrari. But then thinking about it, Ferrari is in rude health and it could stand on its own two feet as a car manufacturer/racing...