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  1. EnzoMC


    The Alfa is used daily and was driving fine, went on holiday and when we got back and first drove the Alfa it would make a rattle for 60secs on startup and only when cold. Took the spider to Alfa specialist who couldn't find the cause, took to Alfa dealer who wasn't sure, took to my local daily...
  2. EnzoMC

    sort of rattle sound

    getting a sort of rattle sound from the front near the clutch, the rattle gets worse when the car is up to temp but stops when you press the clutch in. it sounds like this video (not as loud) - you can hear it more from the clutch / gearbox area and also stops when you press the clutch pedel...
  3. EnzoMC

    ALFA Specialist for 2010 spider

    hi all look for a top end Alfa specialist who knows the cars (2010 spider), been to 2 in bucks area who both said different things we have a squeak when going over speed bumps or round tight roundabouts. driving or braking all seems OK will travel...
  4. EnzoMC

    Spider undertray

    been searching and had quotes north of £500 for an undertray for the Spider. a rear section broke off whilst driving and before we could stop it broke in a few more places. looking online seems not easy to repair these or long lasting? thinking about cutting some thin metal to put around...
  5. EnzoMC

    spider service manual

    anyone know off or have a service manual for Brera spider, need to find out how to adjust the roof. the rear drivers side is not closing fully
  6. EnzoMC

    lambo superleggera

    came across this one for the lotto garage, bit old tech now for the year but looks awesome
  7. EnzoMC

    2016 Silverstone Classic

    anyone going on any of the days Fri 29th/Sat 30th/Sun 31st July ? its a great mixature of cars - just some of the clubs attending: Abarth / AC / Alfa Romeo / Allard / Alvis / Aston Martin / Audi / Austin Bentley / Bristol / Clio V6 / Lotus / Classic Group / Classic Sports / Ferrari...
  8. EnzoMC

    Front Brake Disc

    hi spider is in for a service and just been landed a £400 quote for front disc and pads (inc fitting) what are these like to fit - easy ? looked on alfaworkshop and its about £180ish for parts so maybe worth doing these myself its the 2.2 and wondering if the v6 Brera has bigger /...
  9. EnzoMC

    plastic bleed valve

    hi the Alfas been of the road for a week now. It suddenly over heated, so stopped to let it cool down. Found the cooling system had no water and only signs of a leak was under a pipe with no split or loose join. Noticed a bleed screw valve in the pipe which was still in place, went to...
  10. EnzoMC

    remove front bumper

    hi does anyone have workshop manual on the Brera / spider, want to remove the complete front bumper and also look at wire diag as stereo seems to have mine of its own ?
  11. EnzoMC

    thread post count

    maybe one for Matt just seen my post thread count is showing 15 and only posted 1? arrrr.... just thinking do we have shared threads between the Alfa and Mas site
  12. EnzoMC


    hi all looking at our first alfa and always wanted the 156GTA or Alfa GTV Cup but both getting old and maybe little expensive running cost as just a daily drive. so looking at 2008-2009 cars. going to look at Brera and spider today, maybe not as special as the others but still great looking...
  13. EnzoMC

    F1 Red Bull in MK

    not sure if this has been posted however don't go shopping in MK on the 10th Dec - some F1 noise in MK Red Bull Racing have confirmed that world champion Sebastian Vettel, team mate Mark Webber, team principal Christian...