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  1. EnzoMC

    Voicey's 430

    great car, i was like a little kid when out for a ride in his F430, great experience
  2. EnzoMC

    Worth going down the Ferrari route?

    the FF is meant to be a great car and usable, plus you get the v12 sound :) oh ya the F355, one of the best looking cars... what ever car out of your list you get, it won't be the wrong one.
  3. EnzoMC


    The Alfa is used daily and was driving fine, went on holiday and when we got back and first drove the Alfa it would make a rattle for 60secs on startup and only when cold. Took the spider to Alfa specialist who couldn't find the cause, took to Alfa dealer who wasn't sure, took to my local daily...
  4. EnzoMC

    New stable mate

    very nice and great choice. just having a clear out and found Autocar mag (Sept 96) with 5 pages write up on 550. let me know if you want it? if so PM me your address and I'll get it sent otherwise I'll just bin it with the others.
  5. EnzoMC

    Beaulieu supercar weekend

    could be interesting and looks a nice day for a drive, just looked and the show booking is full - doh!
  6. EnzoMC

    sort of rattle sound

    had the alfa back and noise now fixed, turned out to be bearings in the gearbox. luckly just had these parts replaced instead of replacing gearbox. as gearbox was out also had new clutch kit and obviously the various fluids replaced. sadly the total was almost 70% over quoted price but glad...
  7. EnzoMC

    sort of rattle sound

    so car is booked in to get the clutch investigated - obviously get it replaced whilst its out, we're also going to look at bearings and have the gearbox checked - hopefully its just the clutch as the car is only 9yrs old, on original clutch with only 40,000ish miles. I've heard is a massive...
  8. EnzoMC

    sort of rattle sound

    PS fluid seemed fine, the aux belt also OK using the listening device (Dr scope) I couldn't fully tell but seemed louder around where the engine and gearbox join. you can not here the noise in morning (when cold) only after its up to temp.
  9. EnzoMC

    sort of rattle sound

    thanks Matt for the info, did try the air-con which made no difference. I've just got one of the metal listening devices, will check it out tonight the car just had a service so PS fluid shouldn't be low but will check it will also try the aux belt with a bit of WD40 - normally helps :)
  10. EnzoMC

    sort of rattle sound

    getting a sort of rattle sound from the front near the clutch, the rattle gets worse when the car is up to temp but stops when you press the clutch in. it sounds like this video (not as loud) - you can hear it more from the clutch / gearbox area and also stops when you press the clutch pedel...
  11. EnzoMC

    Alfa Giulia Coupe

    Italian's just know how to make cars look fantastic, compare this to a BMW or Merc coupe just don't come close