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  1. Lozzer

    550 Breadvan

    Always liked the original Breadvan, think it's great when people do things like this with their skills, just hoping the front has been tweaked to suit and pays homage to the original.
  2. Lozzer

    MSVR GP Circuit Big Weekender

    Had an email off these guys today, anyone else had one?
  3. Lozzer

    250gto Replica

    Will be interesting to see how this turns out, I do love a good dose of old style craftsmanship ;)
  4. Lozzer


    It'll be a pretty penny no doubt. Gorgeous.
  5. Lozzer

    ESPCC Show

    Has anyone attended this one before? Anyone from Cumbria/Lancashire/Yorkshire and the surrounding area's fancy it? I see the Lancia oc and Yorkshire SCC are down for attending. I've not been but I have entered the Maz anyway. Cheer's Loz...