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    Fulvia 1600 HF

    Very cool! Considered one for a while a few years ago but the buyers guide in Auto Italia scared me silly! Being an import though this should not have the rust issues so I hope it is a good one for you.
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    Evo1 starter motor

    Think I recall from Evocorner forum that someone had done it through the wheel arch/underneath - utter ******* to do though! Looking at that photo makes me shudder at the memories of working on mine...
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    Integrale Evo accident in Wales

    Crickey - hope they are all okay - having owned one I can confirm how the shell flexed. Sticking a more power in a 70's hatchback was always going to be interesting...
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    Prescott Hill climb - La Vie en Bleu incorporating La Vita Rossa 26th & 27th May 2018

    Sorry I missed you on the Saturday Safrane (Forum was down?) but managed to get some free tickets anyway from a friend who was at the event - thanks for the kind offer though. Nice to see the La Ferrari and my son loved getting to sit in it! Missed people in the orchard when I went through so...
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    Prescott Hill climb - La Vie en Bleu incorporating La Vita Rossa 26th & 27th May 2018

    Could I possibly take you up on this offer please - I didn't bother getting a pass for the special Italian car parking as I thought my car would not be ready in time but had a call from the garage today to say it is all done :tomato10: Olly
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    Thought I’d introduce my Alfas...

    Good read - thanks for posting. I really enjoyed my 156 GTA although the standard suspension was disappointing and my knee did not like the heavy clutch.... I have considered trying a selespeed version, perhaps a 147 this time? I see there are a few being imported now. NB this is of course the...
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    Sad News: no BIAMF 2018

    Pity as this was a really enjoyable day out for me over the years. Hope it can come back in some form...
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    Biamf 2017

    Have a good one fellas - hope the weather is good. One of my favourite shows of the year but kid's rugby tour this year for me...
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    Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Verde (aka quattrofrommagio) is here!

    Interesting to note that NJS (Alfa Specialist) are already doing remaps on these - unlocking more power and something to do with the exhaust flap so it opens in non race mode? Saw it mentioned on the Alfaowner website...
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    Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Verde (aka quattrofrommagio) is here!

    These seem to be really going down well - glad you are enjoying! Did see one test mention the brakes. Not sure about the engine note from the tests I've seen - need to see one of these in the flesh me thinks!
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    My Christmas Present (to myself)!!

    Hmmm - nice! Have just sold my GTA with the 3.2 engine sadly - absolute beauty - enjoy!
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    Alfa Gta with the Selespeed gearbox?

    I think all the Middlesborough ones are Japanese imports from the the details on the dealer's website. All Selespeeds which were never sold over her too - not sure why Alfa did that? I loved my 156 GTA - was on 100k and still very strong although front wings were going on mine too - Alfa design...
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    Alfa Gta with the Selespeed gearbox?

    Cheers for that - interesting! The one I liked was the black one up north as it seemed the most standard and I prefer this colour (same as my old 156) - red would be my second choice. Silver I just can't get on with! I saw the one had been modified abit which if the right mods are done is not a...
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    Alfa Gta with the Selespeed gearbox?

    Not yet as I was waiting to sell my 156 first. Was going to make some calls and preliminary research in the new year. I'd be interested to hear what you thought of them.
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    Alfa Gta with the Selespeed gearbox?

    Interesting thread for me - I have just sold my Alfa 156 GTA (oh that noise!) due to my rather buggered knee and have considered the same cars you have seen advertised. As pointed out, the the GTA selespeed system is different to the standard one and based on the Maserati system I believe. From...
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    Up for sale - my beloved 156 2.5 V6

    Fantastic engine in these and worth every penny! have just sold my GTA and it will be sorely missed...
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    4C as a daily

    You could also throw into the mix that Alfa Workshop (Jamie Porter) have/has developed some interesting suspension/engine/exhaust mods that may change the perception again!