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  1. allandwf

    Sold. 2.0 JTS Spider

    Today I waved goodbye to me 2.0 JTS Spider, one of the last, 2004 reg. Owned for a year and a half and used all weathers! Left in car parks for three weeks at a time and always started on return. Was even dug out of the snow at Edinburgh Airport last winter and ranback through the roads that...
  2. allandwf

    Knockhill World of Supercars.

    Is anyone intending heading to this on Sunday,(12th.)? Be good to catch up if you are.
  3. allandwf

    Alfa 3.0 Spider

    As some of you may have noticed, I mentioned I would be selling my V6 3.0 Spider. It's a Special Spider, one of the three Alfa pre release press cars, initially registered to them, and featured in CAR magazine, which I have a copy. Registered Dec 2000, but others didn't go on sale until April...
  4. allandwf

    Alfa 916 V6 Spider on Track

    I found some track footage of the 2002 Spider at Knockhill for those interested. :)
  5. allandwf

    Brera Spider Genuine Alfa Cover

    If anyone has been looking for a Genuine indoor Alfa cover for either a Brera or a Spider, the same cover does both, I have listed mine on ebay. The Brera lives outdoors so not much use to me. These, I believe, are quite rare, I can't remember the last time I saw one for sale. It's red with big...
  6. allandwf


    Thought I would update re the, multiple, small jobs required on the 348. It appears to be running well after a good few years off the road. I had an oil leak, and then a coolant leak which have both stopped. Cigarette lighter blowing fuse, was shorted, removed, and replaced. The front wheels...
  7. allandwf


    Checking out the Chocolate in Modica, noticed these :)
  8. allandwf

    Phase 3 Spider

    Well, I went out looking for a wee hatch back to scoot around in, and came back with this! A 2004 Phase 3 Spider 2.0 JTS, a much more sensible choice lol. It needs a few wee jobs doing and a bit of cosmetic tidying, but drives quite well.
  9. allandwf

    Scottish Italian Car Show

    After 20 years or so, the Alfa Owners Club will not be hosting the show this year. It was always a good day out, even when the weather was bad, and was good to catch up with friends old and new.
  10. allandwf

    Brera V6

    Well, thanks to Greg up in Inverness doing a recce on this car for me, today I drove back a Brera, not just any but a 3.2 V6 Q4 Qtronic. Well 130 mile drive home and I'm really impressed, plenty power and very solid feeling.
  11. allandwf

    What is this Bracket/Bush ?

    While under the car came across this wizened old dried up bush! What is it for?
  12. allandwf

    V6 Spider Damage Repair

    I thought I'd start a thread to follow the repair of my Spider, which may help owners with similar damage at some point. It look a glancing blow to the front nearside which has pushed both front chassis members, and radiator packs, around 2 inches to the right, and also pushed in the nearside...
  13. allandwf

    Insurance Valuation V6 Spider

    Does anyone have access to Insurance valuation of a 2002 Alfa Spider 3.0 V6 , 72000 miles in excellent condition? The arguments have commenced. PM me if better.
  14. allandwf

    Track Day in the Spider

    Had a Performance Driving Course at Knockhill Circuit as a gift. Took the 3.0 Spider, what a surprise. For a standard road car handled really well, the engine between 4 and 7 thousand rpm is just superb. Instructor and myself left with a big smile. I think he was surprised also.
  15. allandwf

    3.0 GTV Project

    I am putting my 2000 3.0 GTV project up for sale. Loss of garage, plus house renovations mean, realistically, this wont get done anytime soon. It was a Pro Alfa car, few nice mods and work done, but requires head gaskets done. Looking for £1000 for it. It is on Alfaowner and Pistonheads.
  16. allandwf

    Identify the Grille

    Hi, I am having a clear out and have this grille, which came with a lot of Lamborghini stuff I once bought. I think it's Lancia, but not sure which model. Any ideas?
  17. allandwf

    3.0 Spider

    Well took delivery of the Spider today, out for a shakedown, not too bad. Couple of niggles, gap between drivers window and hood at rear, and indicators not self cancelling. Bonnet release a bit suspect, but on the whole quite good :)
  18. allandwf


    Well, I WAS going to change the wee runabout and get a Mito, then decided to keep it, change the 4x4 for a sportwagon, but ended up buying a 3.0 spider!! All change! lol
  19. allandwf

    Alfa 159 Sportwagon

    Some may remember earlier in the year I was thinking about getting a Mito, as a wee run around. This would have meant keeping the bil ML55 for dog duties, family runs and stuff. Went the other way now, thinking of changing the ML for a 159 2.4jtdm Sportwagon and keeping our present runaround...
  20. allandwf


    Started thinking of getting a Mito as a wee runabout. Initialy thought 1.6JTDM, but then went to look at a 1.4 120. Thought it was nippier, though consumption not as good but not too much of an issue, so then thought 120? why not a 155? Now the man maths has kicked in I'm thinking stretch the...