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  1. sparkplug155

    Happy Birthday A.L.F.A.

    Bit of an Alfa man myself. Still have the JZ but it is now back to its original green and the V6 75 on the left.
  2. sparkplug155

    My recently passed Uncle, and his 1971 Giulia Super 1600

    Hi there. I am the secretary for the Lincolnshire section of AROC and know the guy who runs the 105 register for the club. I could put you in touch with him if it helps. He also does all the car valuations for the club. Mike
  3. sparkplug155

    Finally got my corona virus project

    I believe the last of the Alfettas (2.0 Gold Cloverleaf) had Motronic fitted. It gets a mention in the supplement section in the back of my old Haynes Alfetta manual.
  4. sparkplug155

    Cars In The Park - Lotherton Hall 23rd Sept 2018

    Went last year and would have gone on Sunday but I have found I'm double booked so can't make it.
  5. sparkplug155

    Blyton Park

    Well the Ghibli Cup was there again along with a second one This was my favourite off the day though. Sorry Roary Rati. I never got a picture of your car on track.
  6. sparkplug155

    Blyton Park

    It's a nice surface at Blyton. Haven't taken the Maser on there but took my 75 T/S for an AROC track day a couple of years ago. I even had time to pop home at lunch time and sort out a failing alternator and be back before the afternoon session started. By the way those two cars don't belong to...
  7. sparkplug155

    Blyton Park

    Hi Yes it is on the 9th July as you say. I am also not a member of the club but 2 of my friends are and we usually go along and watch as its been there for the last couple of years. I live about 4 miles from the track.
  8. sparkplug155

    ITCAM 2018 - Newby Hall - 3rd June

    I will be there. If the weather forecast is fine I'll take the JZ otherwise it will be the 4200.
  9. sparkplug155

    cars in the park

    Just bought my ticket. I am happy to meet up with others or make my own way there. I plan to come M62, A1 then A63
  10. sparkplug155

    cars in the park

    I am another who will buy a ticket provided the weather forecast is reasonable a few days before.
  11. sparkplug155

    MITCAR Warwickshire 20th August 2017

    Would have gone but unfortunately in Holland with the Junior Zagato. Going to the Dutch clubs Coppa Spettacolo at Assen. Great event. They are absolutely mental about their Alfas over there.
  12. sparkplug155

    ITCAM 2 Newby Hall 4th June

    I believe gates open at 9.30 for those showing cars. There seems to be a bit of a confusing situation between the Italian Car & Motorcycle Day web site and the Newby Hall website. Even ticket prices don't align between the two sites. (£3 or £10 or £13). I'm sure it will be okay on the day.
  13. sparkplug155

    ITCAM 2 Newby Hall 4th June

    I have decided - I will be in the 4200 Also have a couple of mates from the Alfa Club coming - One in a 3200 and the other in a Quattroporte Sport GT.
  14. sparkplug155

    ITCAM 2 Newby Hall 4th June

    I shall venture there from Lincolnshire. Still deciding between the 4200 or the Junior Zagato though.:argue1:
  15. sparkplug155

    Sportstars in the Park, Newby Hall 2017

    Hi Chris Can I ask who is the local bodyshop that you use. I am looking for someone to do some paintwork on my Junior Zagato maybe in the autumn. I'm guessing I'm not too far away as I'm halfway between Gainsborough & Scunthorpe.