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    Classic Car Show NEC 2021

    The ticket price added to the parking charge makes this a ridiculously expensive gimmick. The NEC is definitely pulling people's plonker and taking the p*ss
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    Oulton Park Gold Cup - Monday 30th August

    I will meet you just after the bridge but before the gate. Will be there around 10 mins before the time requested by Terry.
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    Oulton Park Gold Cup - Monday 30th August

    Count me in please. I'll meet you at the gate as I am only 25 miles east of Oulton Park.
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    First Impressions - Gallardo Spyder LP560 Makes Nicky Jam out of anyone driving it... Gorgeous car.
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    Warming Up

    Last year I warmed both mine up leaving them running for a good 30 minutes and moving up and down the drive to move the tyres and get suspension moving. The real harm comes if you start it and stop inside a few minutes when a lot of condensation is still trapped. I ran mine till the fans cut in...