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  1. Nayf

    GT World Challenge Europe, Brands Hatch, April 30-May 1 Want to see more live racing before the world goes EV only. Anyone thinking of going?
  2. Nayf

    Cars, Coffee and Pastries with Vintage Tyres/National Motor Museum

    Hello all, Vintage Tyres is organising a cars coffee and pastry event at the National Motor Museum. I'll be coming along, and it would be good to meet a few of you. There's also the possibility of a pilgrimage to Meridien to gawp at a Shamal/Ghibli Open Cup/Ferraris if anyone's up for it...
  3. Nayf

    Silverstone Classic

    Anyone heading down there tomorrow?
  4. Nayf

    How brave do you feel?
  5. Nayf

    That's... that's an interesting mixture of colours.

    Still, £105k for an F12.
  6. Nayf

    599 GTO Tailor Made – in a familiar Ghibli Cup Colour. Yes, yes and yes again.
  7. Nayf

    Prototype 037 'Chassis SE037-001 undertook extensive testing duties both on track and in the wind tunnel following its completion, and was driven extensively by the likes of Markku Alen, Adartico...
  8. Nayf

    OOF (manual 599)

    I love this. LHD wouldn't bother me (European touring), neither would the mileage. It is a lot of money for an extra pedal, but still...
  9. Nayf

    The black 288 GTO is for sale

    It appeared in Modern Classics a while back. I don't tend to lust over telephone number cars (as in the value) with two exceptions. The blue MC12 Corsa that was converted for the road, and this particular...
  10. Nayf

    A rather interesting Lancia Fulvia...
  11. Nayf

    Just a little bit special this... 412 GTi Manual...

    Love the colour combo
  12. Nayf

    A Delta and some tasty Fiats...

    Been spending the last few weekends hanging around Autosportivo, thought you’d like to see some pics... The Punto’s running 400bhp at the wheels via a 20v Turbo conversion...
  13. Nayf

    Something 612-related I wrote a while ago...

    Car belongs to one of SportsMaserati’s own - still many thanks to him nearly two years on.
  14. Nayf

    My 147 GTA

    About as close as you’ll get to a Maserati hot hatchback, and about as close as I’ll get to owning a Maserati. Anyway, did Meguiar’s Day In The Bay with Modern Classics today, and she’s never looked as good. And I’ve never seen so many of her paint blemishes! Anyway if you’ve any questions...
  15. Nayf

    Ferrari Roma

    Or the Maserati GranTurismo replacement that should have been... Have to say I like it and I've not really been into Ferrari design language for a while. Not a fan of the McLaren-style light clusters, but the rest of it is rather lovely...
  16. Nayf

    166 3.2 Ti for sale

    Not by me. And sadly I don’t have the cash, otherwise I’d be all over it. Needs some work but he’s dropped the price to four grand. I’ve linked this thread to him (hello). I’ve no link to the seller, I’m a 166 lover who doesn’t want to see another one trashed for a Hawk Stratos replica...
  17. Nayf

    Modern Classics needs a Ferrari 360M...

    ... and a few others, actually, but as this is largely an Italian (and, er, Aston Martin) forum. We're looking for a standard Ferrari 360 Modena for a photoshoot to take place at some point between 1-9 July (precise date tbc – chicken meets egg situation). It'll need to be the standard seats...
  18. Nayf

    Giulietta Turbo Autodelta

    Thought this might interest some ;)
  19. Nayf

    Snetterton British GT Championship, 27-28 May

    Hello – not my event but it crossed my desk at work. Might be a nice run out for those in the East. They're aiming for cars up to 2010, I believe. Might come along and get some pics for MC too, depending on schedule. Snetterton Circuit in Norfolk is looking for supercar GT road cars from...
  20. Nayf

    Anyone own a Ferrari 612 Scaglietti?

    We at Modern Classics are looking for one for a forthcoming feature...