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  1. iain.oglethorpe

    Happy Xmas Everyone.

    As per title , I hope you are all having a Great Xmas and here's to more car meets than years past.
  2. iain.oglethorpe

    Remote oil filter housing.

    Anyone had experience in fitting a remote oil filter housing?. I have removed the bulky 5 liter washer bottle and re-routed the tubing and wiring to the rear windscreen bottle to free up some space under the bonnet, I already have a mocal oil cooler and sandwich plate fitted from the existing...
  3. iain.oglethorpe

    Been a little busy.

    Hi all, I have been busy over the last few weeks working on the 33 which developed a gearbox oil leak, nothing major but enough to get my finger out and source the issue. Anyway seeing as its easier to take the engine out to get the gearbox off I'd thought I'd replace the Cam belts , waterpump...