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  1. Smaky


    Well I'll start it.
  2. Smaky

    4c delayed beyond febuary

    The 4c L.E will not be hitting the streets until March at the earliest, some countries though are having the price hiked up due to currency fluctuations, luckily not the UK, but in the mean time I am considering cancelling my order.
  3. Smaky

    The beast will return shortly...

    Hoping to have the 146 BEAST back on the road within the next fortnight.... for those who forgot what she is....
  4. Smaky

    I made the first post

    but it's not very good....
  5. Smaky

    Smakys landed

    How do, need an answer from someone who actually knows your cars??? Then just ask, nothings too complicated and mostly I will have dealt with the issue before or ask you to check some other things. Alex