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  1. MarkMas

    Maserati Club North of Ireland Tour 2022

    I'm about to go on the Maserati Club North of Ireland Tour: 28 June to 8 July 2022. Anyone else on here? Route is: Holyhead/Dublin Antrim Donegal Mayo Wicklow Dublin/Holyhead Cars include: 3200 4200 x4 430 Biturbo Gransport x2 GranTurismo x8 (so common) Indy Mexico x2 Quattroporte...
  2. MarkMas

    All Italian Car Meets at the Departure Lounge, near Alton Hampshire

    Rather than tacking onto some threads about previous ones of this, I thought I would create an undated thread on this meet that we could just keep going. The Departure Lounge Basingstoke Road Alton Hampshire GU34 4BH 01420 80111...
  3. MarkMas

    Classic and Supercar Salon Privé at Blenheim Palace - 1-4 September 2021

    Classic and Supercar Salon Privé 2021 at Blenheim Palace 1-4 September 2021 I'm not going to be paying £325 for this, but might consider the Saturday again. Although Maserati seems to have been left off the list of premium Car Clubs. WEDNESDAY 1ST SEPTEMBER...
  4. MarkMas


    Who here thinks it would be fun to get together as many QPVs as possible sometime in 2021? I suppose we need some sort of field, or large carpark, ideally with a cafe (and toilets) next to it. Something like The Departure Lounge in Alton or Kemble Airport (with the AV8 cafe), but maybe with a...
  5. MarkMas

    Classic and Supercar at Blenheim Palace - Salon Privé Club Trophy Day - 26 September 2020

    Anyone going to this? I expect red trousers will be compulsory.....
  6. MarkMas

    Maserati International Rally in Sweden 2021

    This has been moved from 2020 to 2021 (June 17-20). And, rather pleasingly for the SM forum obscenity filters, will be based in Båstad. It was also in Sweden 10 years ago:
  7. MarkMas


    Is anyone on here going to this event over the weekend of 26-28 April?
  8. MarkMas

    West of England and South Wales Events - General Information for Events in the Area

    I'm going to propose this as a standing thread for initial information about any events happening in the West of England or South Wales. People who are interested in that sort of thing can 'watch' this thread and see new announcements about things that are happening. Someone can then start a...
  9. MarkMas

    Goodwood Revival

    Is anyone going to the Goodwood Revival this weekend?
  10. MarkMas


    Instead of going all the way to Kent for Festival Italia at Brands Hatch on Sunday, I popped in to the Tetbury Classic Car Show, which is held on a school playing field near me in Gloucestershire. It was surprisingly big for a little show (if you see what I mean) with about 300 cars on display...
  11. MarkMas

    Maserati Club AGM & Concours - Blenheim Palace 10 June 2018

    Is anyone else going to this? I've put my red trousers in the wash specially. Club page (you have to log in to see it): Last year:
  12. MarkMas

    Maserati Charity Polo Trophy at the Gloucestershire Festival of Polo - Sunday 11 June

    Is anyone aware of, or going to this event? I wondered if they would welcome a turn-out from a few local Maseratis.... This is the Press Release from last year...
  13. MarkMas

    Maserati Meet-up for Swindon, Cheltenham, Bristol triangle?

    Seemed to be some interest, in another thread or two, in doing this. How about the Av8 Cafe at Kemble airfield...
  14. MarkMas

    Italian Car Auction - 8 March 2017

    I thought some people might want to know about this collection being auctioned. No Maseratis I think, but a Lancia Delta HF Integrale 8v, an Alfa Berlina 1750 and some interesting Fiats
  15. MarkMas

    Poplars Farm meet near Bristol

    Any Maserati people going to the AROC Poplars Farm Meet today?
  16. MarkMas

    Discover the new 2017 Maserati Quattroporte - Dick Lovett Launch Event

    Just had an invitation to the launch of the 2017 QP You know what you are looking at. You also know that there is a difference between being different and being distinctive. All that remains for us then, is to warmly invite you to the showroom launch of the new 2017 Quattroporte, Maserati's...