The Alfa is used daily and was driving fine, went on holiday and when we got back and first drove the Alfa it would make a rattle for 60secs on startup and only when cold.

Took the spider to Alfa specialist who couldn't find the cause, took to Alfa dealer who wasn't sure, took to my local daily driver garage who suggested variators but didn't have the tools.

By this time I'm getting a bit frustrated with garages just giving up so quickly... remembered Matts new business so spoke to Matt who was very helpful. Spoke to Duncan from AlfaNet who was very willing to look at the Alfa and suggested it could be the water pump.

Drove the Alfa to AlfaNet and within 2 weeks he had it fixed. The chain guides and plastics parts had broken away and found in the bottom of the engine. HOLY CR@P That could have been a killed engine

Massive thanks to Duncan / AlfaNet, a fantastic job and highly recommend - 5* service.


Good to be hearing and I know a few on here have made the journey to Bristol to use his skills.