Fulvia 1600 HF


All Fulvia alloy panels are rare, they were only available on the early S1 cars and S1 HF models primarily to compensate for low power but by the time the S2 came along engine power had risen and cost cutting started to become apparent. Perfect alloy doors can be over £2k each, same for bonnets and boot lids are about £1500. Fulvia owners are always looking for these panels, my S2 has alloy bonnet and boot but not doors.

If the doors were included in that price they would be a bargain, I would happily pay that and then throw the rest in the scrapyard on the way home.
you should give it a try, I've often tried my luck on ebay only to be surprised on a fairly low offer being accepted


Evening Lancisti.

If it's of interest, I've been having a clear out and have the following for sale. Condition is mint.

Price is normally £32-£35 each.

I think £50 for both plus postage at cost, or £27 each plus postage would seem fair.

Feel free to drop me a pm if interested.75057
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