Unforutnately we had a few fulvia's round locally when i first started driving mostly rust buckets , forced me to take the Beta's and Fiat 124 market :oops: great fun years but that Italian use of re-claimed steel took its toll with the British weather on most of mine , best i had in those days was brand new Lancia HPE volumex ( my first and only ever Brand new car B44 TAS ) had some superb 124 's though about 6 of them lol


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Fulvias generally better built than the Betas especially the earlier ones S1 & S2, by the time they got to making S3s Fiat money counters were cutting costs and quality went through the floor. They still rusted like any 70s car mainly subframes that you couldn't see easily, today however the bad ones have gone and and the better ones have been restored but the best are dry imports from Italy which as long as treated can last well.


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there have been some really good developments in tyres for the Fulvia

Michelin make the 155-14 X again.

and for the Coupe and sport models Pirelli now make a 145HR14. A proper sports car tyre hasn’t been made in this size for a long time

there is 165-14 in both Michelin XAS and Cinturato CN36 which I’m not convinced but I have been assured that a 185/70HR14 Pirelli Cinturato CN36 was the tyre upgrade for these cars. I have no doubt that the CN36 is the best 70 profile tyre for cars of this period, and cars that we’re designed to fit full profile tyres. But I would still fit original size 165-14 However the battle for me would be Cinturato versus XAS. That would depend on what I was doing with the car.