Modern Classics needs a Ferrari 360M...


... and a few others, actually, but as this is largely an Italian (and, er, Aston Martin) forum.

We're looking for a standard Ferrari 360 Modena for a photoshoot to take place at some point between 1-9 July (precise date tbc – chicken meets egg situation). It'll need to be the standard seats rather than hardcore buckets. The basic premise is below...

Party like it's 1999: 20 years since Britain went head on against Europe's newest and greatest supercars.
We're celebrating 20 years since the TVR Tuscan Speed Six and Lotus Esprit Sport 350 went into battle against the Porsche 996.1 GT3 and the Ferrari 360 Modena. We'll be meeting up in Ludlow before heading out into Wales on great driving roads.
We'll be looking to meet up on the night before in Ludlow – we'll provide a hotel – before heading out into Wales the next day. Journalists will get behind the wheel for driving impressions, so the car will be fully insured by our publisher (PLI and other documents available). We'll also provide refreshments, and you'll get a free copy of the magazine + a selection of photographs from the shoot (professional shoot is worth £400 at least).

We're also looking for a TVR Tuscan Speed Six, Lotus Esprit Sport 350 and a Porsche 996 GT3 (without bucket seats – despite losing four stone in two months tragically I don't quite yet have a bucket-shaped ****), so if anyone in your friend circle has one of those, we'd love to hear from you.
Best place to email is