Sud Sprint Parts


Folk, thought I'd drift over from the Maserati forum to see if there's any interest on some parts I found in the garage today:

6 x 14" Speedline wheels like the ones fitted to my car

4 are in pretty good nick, although you'd want a light refurb. The other two are somewhat more corroded. They all have good tyres, but they've been stored for years so I really wouldn't recommend using them.

I've also got a pretty much complete green Cloverleaf interior in what looks like pretty fair condition. Seats and carpets

Two front grills, one has lights in it.

Windscreen (NOS)

Rear tailgate with screen in place. As far as I can tell, rust free.

The car will also be for sale. It has had a complete rebuild by Jamie Porter, but again some years back, and has been in storage since. Pretty much completely rust free.

Also, my 116 Giulietta will be available. It's a Chris Snowdon special, with 75 doors, interior and V6 3l under the bonnet. Also been stored, also rust free, but both will need mechanical work to re-comission

If anyone is interested, ping me a PM and I can take photos or whatever. All items are in Harlow, Essex



Can we have more pics of the car please, may know someone that is interested..... even i may be ;)