Supercar Fest - The Runway 30th May

Felonious Crud

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Everyone is telling me not to buy one. I was never very good at being told what to do.

Oh, and the Strad will be staying, I just cannot part with the thing, it’s my favourite car ever.
That Strad's a keeper for sure. I couldn't imagine you being parted from it, so anything else needs to be a, er, 'customer's car'.

Didn't Krishna get a 720?
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Fantastic day and echo Deans comments.

I must admit I’ve been giving a F458 a bit of thought lately but I would say that Ferrari was the most represented car there, you could almost call them common.

There was a time they were a bit special, but it’s clear they are banging out models and sales are booming.

Just takes away the specialness off the brand imho.
Go on, go on, go on!