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In a moment of lockdown madness last month I bought a 4200CC that I'm hoping I'll bond with. It had been on my bucket list for a while and I had a keen buyer for my nice Alfa GTV Cup, sad to see that go but........
Hi can you tell me the part numbers etc I can't find the gearbox filter kit at Automatic Choice website
Hello, I know its been a while, but do you recall the symptoms that caused you to replace your motor mounts back in 2018? I'd be very grateful for your insight..

Neil M.
Hi Rob,

Did you receive my message offering £27.5k for the 3200? Can you please let me know if of interest?

Thanks and kind regards
Looking for domestic and industrial shelving solutions, might be we can help you in this.
Hi, I've been a member for a number of years but due to other commitments have been inactive . Just wanted to thank Stuart Lockley in the UK for his fantastic support in supplying parts for my QP IV . I can't recommend him high enough. Thank you Stuart.
Might be selling my 2003 Spyder GT if you wanted only 2 seats and the manual box
Hi ,
Thanks for the offer but I'm looking for the coupe manual.
Did I answer your question on this? Just noticed you asked a question and its not clear I answered it!
considering a 2004 cambiocorsa spyder with 38k on the clock. intend to use as a daily driver, estimate 5-6k miles per year. two questions: first, is this just a bad idea? second, what specific problems should i look for prior to purchase?
Used both of mine as daily drivers albeit a few years ago now.
Driving in traffic not good for the clutch.
Make sure the suspension is in good order and the roof.
Good Luck.
thanks for the immediate and helpful reply.
Sorry, Address is as follows.
Steve Harrison
90 Main Street
LE67 8QN
Hi, just getting back about the Maserati Signature for the Ashtray. Send me your Paypal and I will send you payment with address etc. Thanks for getting back to me as well. Steve Harrison
Hi there, I am new to this forum. I wondered is someone would be so kind as to give me some advice. I have a maserati 3200 gt which I just drove 20 miles. When stopped and turned off engine there is a constant ticking noise that seems to come from all 4 wheels. It last about a 2 minutes then stopped. Is this normal. The last time I drove the same amount of miles this didn't happen. Thanks