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You sent me a message but I can't reply to it as you've set it for no replies.

So ref the I-Phone - the one loaned to me was not compatible as it had the wrong IOS - Is your offer still there?
It would need to be one listed in the first post on the subject

Thank you
Great - Thank you
Sorry for the delay. It's a 64g iPhone SE iOS 14.6 It's not clear if that list is *minimum iOS version, or maximum. I'd expect it to be minimum, given the current version or not a single up to date phone will work <shrug>

You are more then welcome to give it a try

I think it is that exact iOS as the one I tried at the weekend was a i-Phone 5 with 10.3.4, which was just to new for the 10.3.2 compatibility. I dont believe MB are updating the cars software to match the changes in operating systems
Hi Mike , I know Miles very well and in actual fact only spoke to him a couple of days back regarding other stuff , okay with you if I call him to make sure they still have it at Emblem and happy to talk sensible money with you once they confirm ..............and i will revert back in the mean while my number is 07799 877175

Kindest regards

I have some time off next week so may be able to pop up to collect next week - I will drop you a note a few days before hand.
Hi Jonny
I think your preference is for a 4.7?
Just as an FYI. MY 4.2 (pictured) will be for sale in a few weeks.
Over serviced. 88k. £21k to forum members. Located, Northern Ireland.
Variators done and documented.
Give me a shout, if interested.
Enjoy the forum!
Mike :)
My Sister has enlightened me as to why I am currently single - because I have not made enough money yet! :D
Granturismo Sport 2017
Hey Guys, anyone know where is the outdoor air sensor located in a Grantourismo Sport 2015? Mine started showing -18 and the AC stopped working. Thanks in advance for the help.
sorry don't know that one.