Code of Conduct

1. No generalising of a race, racial, political or other group for negative comments
 1.1 E.g. Applies to Italian citizens being related to issues with Maserati or similar
 1.2No use of derogatory slang words related to race or citizenship or other affiliation

2. Posting of pictures or links
 2.1. No pictures or links to pictures of body parts which would normally be covered by underwear
 2.2. No posting of links to extreme content (nudity, politics, gore)

3. No insults - implied or otherwise related to
 3.1. Gender, race or sexuality
 3.2. Personal appearance
 3.3. Religious beliefs
 3.4. Emotive subjects (i.e. Brexit, Coronavirus, et al)

4. Zero tolerance to personal attack: Includes
 4.1. Insulting someone's intelligence
 4.2. Name calling
 4.3. Implicit or overt threats of physical violence

5. No deliberate circumvention of the obscenity filter for most offensive terms (You can work that out)

6. Selling - No advertising of products or services without permission from the forum owner

7. Selling parts between members
 7.1. No liability is accepted by the forum for private transactions between members
 7.2. New members - Extreme causing should be applied to purchasing items / cars / services from new member - no liability is accepted

Punishment for transgression

 Contravening content deleted and 1 week ban
 Repeat offence - 1 month ban
 Continued offending - permanent ban (moderators discretion)
 The Mods reserve the right to revise this as required and apply it retrospectively.