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    Where they gone????

    And your quote is why some of us dont bother on here mate.
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    GT intercooler

    Think i will leave her, shes spot on now and much more responsive.
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    GT intercooler

    I am tempted but worried about clutch and driveshaft issues, I hear a lot about the remapping causing issues to these parts?
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    Chat thread

    Shantus :conf1:
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    Chat thread

    morning Shantus :alan4:
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    Its starting to look like.......

    Not speaking for anyone else but im not here for post counts, i have been here for 3-4 weeks and only posted 300 times. I can do 300 per day over on ao.
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    Cleaning and Detailing. (printable)

    Will claying smooth the paintwork? I do polish mine but im sure i can get a better finish.
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    GT intercooler

    Would i gain any performance by upgrading the intercooler on my GT jtd?
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    FIXED: Alfa GT Rattling tailgate

    It will be something straightforward and hopefully cheap to fix.
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    Och Aye The Noo

    Hi and welcome :thumb1: I love the old school alfas.
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    Its starting to look like.......

    Not sure if this would work but could the chat thread be turned into a chat lounge where we could add random and unusual threads?
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    Festival of Remembrance

    I noticed the lack of service personnel and did notice the 'entertainment' level had been cranked up but i think they may have been trying to appeal to the younger audience. Lets be honest and no disrespect intended guys and this could seem controversial so apologies in advance but the younger...
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    Chat thread

    Ok mate have a good day :auto15:
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    Its starting to look like.......

    Blunt and harsh and i know who youre aiming at! Unfair tbh as no one is doing one post answers apart from the word association thread. I look at the threads started here and there isnt a lot mirrored from ao. I was on ao yesterday and looking at the site now it is slowly dying due to the fact...