Forum going offline


Forum Owner
We will be moving to our new forum software tomorrow so this old site will be going off at midnight tonight.

All being well, we should be up and running by end of play tomorrow.

You may have noticed that all your personal data, signature, DOB, Location etc has been removed.

There is no point putting it back in again until the new site is up and running tomorrow and you will have to accept the new GDPR terms and conditions before you can log in.

The new forum is 95% of the way there but it will require some tweaking and a bit more styling but all your account, threads, posts and PM will come over.

The initial styling is much the same as it already is but don't fret if your not a fan of the darker sites, we will be releasing a lighter (in colour) version similar to this place within the weeks.

The new site is responsive, meaning that it will collapse down into a single column on mobile devices so we will also be retiring the Tapatalk plugin for now as its redundant.

There will also be no classifieds parts and cars until we have programmed a new and improved version.

Please bare with us as this is far from a simple task and has been nearly a year in build.