Upgrade 2006 Alfa Spider Stereo



Hi, I am consider to change my Alfa Spider Stereo to a completely new aftermarket In-car Electronics Seicane S126007 Bluetooth CD/DVD Player with GPS Navigation? Do you know how can I do that easily?Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks a lot.


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Hi Caleb, well, I cant say I do. If it physically fits in the hole, then you have a fighting chance of doing it at home, but a good auto electrical is probably your best bet.

I have one down here in on the South Coast if you local?

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I'm not particularly tecnically minded but managed to replace my single DIN head unit fairly easily.

The trick is to understand the rear plugs and cable colours of your current unit and the new unit.

The unit you want to use is a single DIN item but has a front 'hangover' for the screen which makes it appear as large as (or larger than) a double DIN.


The screen will hang over into the gearstick area, potentially causing problems.

Also, the location for viewing a satnav screen would seem to me to be sub-optimal.

If you actually have a 4C spider (you have posted in the 4C section, I notice) then it's a different story - I can recommend a good alternative unit.