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    Regulator replaced - reset didn't work

    Remove the plug from the regulator, and swap the pins for the wires over in the plug .
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    Are they going to increase it that much?
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    Taking on the 156 Selespeed Sportwaggon

    Roughly 100,000 miles if it's motorway or city driving most have issues around the 70K mark.
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    Diesel EGR Valve Reconditioning

    Only problem is that the shut off valve and intake also need cleaning as there is no point in just doing the EGR valve.
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    Taking on the 156 Selespeed Sportwaggon

    Not really, Hylomar is a flat surface sealant, but it was used this time in completely the wrong circumatances, it will not do what the correct sealant (which is silicone instant gasket) will do which is to compress into all the nooks and crannies that are around the oil pump and crank rear seal...
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    Conaero's Spider Rebuild

    They are not the standard clips and the bracket the cable clips to is missing.
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    Taking on the 156 Selespeed Sportwaggon

    Sticky callipers are often mis-diagnosed when actually it is the flexible brake hose breaking down inside and blocking the flow of fluid to the calliper, also make sure the rigid pipe is not leaking where it passes under the inner wing.
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    More Power!!!!

    The recall is only to replace the front hubs if they are cracking, all the other stuff is optional if the owner requests it...Battery, Shocks/springs.....
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    Well I'll start it.
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    Taking on the 156 Selespeed Sportwaggon

    Correct, the airbag is a separate cable from the clockspring to the airbag, kind of prevents shorting in the ribbon cable setting off the squib.
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    164 Q4 Aircon pump
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    Taking on the 156 Selespeed Sportwaggon

    I'll let you into a secret, The clock spring in both of these cars is not what you think. It is actually just a long ribbon cable coiled round but with enough excess to allow the wheel to rotate, this makes all connections permanent, the signal though for both is analogue until it gets to the...
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    Taking on the 156 Selespeed Sportwaggon

    Yes, using the facelift steering wheel and clock spring, depending on the year of the car though you may need to remove a spline from the steering column to allow the new wheel to fit.
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    At long last I have a 33!!

    Well Nik, I think this thread has finally earned its title
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    The Good Morning Thread

    Be a push to get one by Friday though