Alfa Romeo 4C appointed WTCC safety car


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The Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) has selected the new Alfa Romeo 4C supercar as the official safety vehicle for the World Touring Car Championship (WTCC) for the entire 2014 season.

Known for its power, looks and “Most Beautiful Car of 2013" gong, the Alfa Romeo 4C has slowly made its way onto the short list of top flight supercars – at a surprisingly affordable £45,000.

Chosen as the new FIA WTCC car by Eurosport Events, the Alfa Romeo 4C coupe will follow and dictate any necessary safety on the track, making its debut on April 12/13 on the Moulay El Hassan circuit of Marrakech.

Wrapped in a unique exterior finish, the 4C will put its impressive 240bhp to good use by tracking the other race cars and being ready to jump into action if anything goes wrong in the race.

With a Spider convertible version of the 4C revealed at the Geneva Motor Show last week, the supercar has thrust itself into the limelight - and with further publicity like this, it promises to be in it for a good while longer.



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The car is very impressive. I really love the way it looks. Incidentally, it's quite obvious that Alfa Romeo is very significant about returning to the U.S.. Of course, with the beautiful 4C roadster leading the charge. :) Granted, any mention of the return of Alfa Romeo United States, naturally, has to be taken with a huge old pile of salt.

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The salesman at my local dealership got to drive a 4C at Donnigton last weekend. A bit annoying that he gets to drive one before I do! The 4C seems a strange choice for a safety car but there you go...