Out Of Hibernation .


Not moved for a year and a half, started first go! Needs moving to new garage and a good checking over, but happy. Need to get the Assetto Corsa out of hibernation next. View attachment 87991View attachment 87992
I know this will mean very little to many but a black 348 makes me smile. There's a legendary Dutch documentary featuring the likes of Photek, Squarepusher and Source Direct, then among the leading lights of artistic but very dark jungle/drum and bass. There are some funny moments – young, talented but not exactly verbose from Source Direct, but the amusing thing is the cars. They'd all signed major record deals with Virgin records, and while Source Direct bought matching E36 M3s, Photek bought a black 348. He's still massively into his Ferraris.

I'd love to interview him/reunite him with his first Ferrari but he's in LA, the car's in the UK and I'm not sure which magazine it would fit, but I'm sure he's got some entertaining tales of being a young, skinny ginger chap charging around Hertfordshire in a Ferrari in the 90s...


Thank you, I enjoyed watching that. A lot of the modern jazz that I’ve seen is drum & bass influenced and I had no idea that these particular guys existed and were inspired by 60’s jazz. It all makes sense now. Thank you for the education! I loved Source direct’s woes about how boring Hertfordshire was and what they did to make their lives more interesting, i.e driving to country pubs.


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Love it, I keep being told mine has some sort of history, but means nothing to me.