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  • Hi Benny
    I have been in discussion with Newton regarding a clock for a Gransport, said he didn't want anything for it but to donate to Ryan's charity which I am more than happy to do. Could you send me a link or point me in the right direction please.
    Regards Geoff
    Geoff, that’s very kind of you both. Make any donation to The Bone Cancer Research Trust. If you Google The Bone Cancer Research Trust it will give you the option to donate. Thanks again, very much appreciated.
    Hi Benny, all done.
    I wasn't aware of Ryan so did a forum search. Please accept my condolences.

    I see in the previous post mdss was inquiring about a Gransport upgrade to the gearbox, any details would be appreciated, are you still doing it?
    Kind regards Geoff
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    Geoff, thanks much appreciated. Thanks again for your donation. If/when we meet, I’ll buy the first drink. Regards.
    Hi Benny

    I was told to contact you regarding the 360 challenge stradale upgrade for the Gransport Gearbox as this is something you offer.
    Please could you PM me regarding this as its something i am interested in.

    Many Thanks
    Hi BennyD,

    Was watching videos on the GranSport and ran into this
    Might be a longshot but I want to see if you guys are still making your exhaust systems.

    Twinspark. I can get them done. We can do X-pipes, H-pipes and we can modify GS boxes so we can get more sound but still use the valves. Regards.
    Thanks, I’m looking primarily for decat pipes if they’re available.

    I’m still on the fence between an H or X pipe.
    Hi, just asking if there's any chance you could can get a secondary cat bypass pipe done.

    Afternoon Ben,
    Are tickets still available for this? wouldnt mind coming along
    Hi BennyD
    I was told to contact you with regards to purchasing a 'H' pipe for my manual facelift 4200. Can you help at all? I see you live in Nantwich which I visit quite often as my brother lives there. You may of seen him, he drives a silver Aston Martin Vantage. Come to think of it he has mentioned that he sees a Maserati around from time to time; maybe that's you!!


    Hi Ian

    I hope Ryans opps go well. Please send him my best wishes.

    I noticed yuo rcommets about Bruntingthorpe in August. ..... Is this a Sporting Bears type charity ride event? ...... I fancy this one, can you let us know the organisers details?


    Hi Ian, you going to the Amari Winter Check/open day this Saturday with Supercar Driver?? I might try and make this one.
    Hi Benny
    It would be great to meet up. I have quite a lot going on at the moment, but I'm sure we could sort something out before too long.
    I am on 07595 654858
    Any chance you can make it to the Brize Day I am organising this summer, see events !
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