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  • How busy Adam? Could meet up tomorrow or next week if the offer's still there for some pics and go for a ride.

    Sent first class Adam, try the tracking number I sent you on the Royal mail website...
    No, evo book hasn't turned up yet...sure they will all be along shortly :)
    Lots on here are on the AO forum....I joined ages ago but never posted...Have been posting for the last few weeks though since looking for a GTV/GTA....I am AndyT350 so you can find me...
    Hi Adam
    I'm probably going to the meet down at uxbridge on friday.
    fancy a day out ?? you are not a million miles from me , let me know & I will pick you up.


    Many thanks for that - very good of you to make the effort.

    Just about to have a liquid lunch to celebrate!


    Adam, its a new one........cute as the old one is....aint practical....unless drviing from one wing of our house to the other.......

    Hi Adam, I used Cortese as a broker about 3 years ago to buy the car for me, it was actually on sale at another dealership.
    I'm putting it up for sale now, fancy something else, I've had a 3200 so will possibly go for a Quattroporte or a Ghibli Cup.
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